This device does not burn the trashes. CO2 reduction, Suppression of dioxin. No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing. Reduce the volume of the trash by 1/300 ? 1/500. No meter, switch is required. All operations are manual. This device depends on the human eyes. You can move this device anywhere.

Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Mona Publicity Co., Ltd.
address 2-311-3 Saburomaru, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture Japan 910-0033
MR 2-18-5 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
telephone +81-050-1452-1973
Delivery office Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office Tama
address 4-19-2 Ichinomiya, Tama City Tokyo
E-mail monapublicity@media51.net (Replace ● with @)
Representative Masanao Ogata
ounding October 1973
Capital 3 million yen
Fiscal Year September year-end
Bank Hokuriku Bank, Fukuho Bank, Rakuten Bank, Fukui Bank
Company Philosophy The body moves, the mind works, and the heart is touched by doing what is right and meaningful. The energy born from each individual’s actions becomes the driving force of the company itself. The primary purpose of a company should not be solely to make money, but to focus on how to bring happiness to people. By doing so, new creativity and power emerge, and people are the origin of everything. The second important goal is to unite and move towards making everyone prosperous and heading towards a better future.
Business Activities: Wholesale and sales operations, graphic design.

We have various divisions for specific products.

Graphic design
Japanese Website: https://media51.net/

English Website:

Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office Promoting and selling environmentally friendly and health-related products.
Japanese Website: https://tokyo-omotesando.com/

English Website:

Wholesale and sales of rice husk silica We are looking for agents to sell rice husk silica.
Japanese Website: https://silica.media51.net/

English Website:

Wholesale and Sales of Magnetic Pyrolysis Devices (Agent recruitment)
Japanese Website: https://ash-en.okomari.net/
English Website: https://ash-en.okomari.net/Sales of K2 Carbonization System (Agent recruitment)
Japanese Website: https://carbon.media51.net/
English Website: https://carbon-en.media51.net/

Sales of Positive Ion Absorption Devices
Japanese Website: https://ion.media51.net/
English Website:

Sales of Tensor Rings
Japanese Website: https://tensor.media51.net/
English Website:

Saizo Production House: Color-Doremi related products (Color course, related merchandise sales)
Japanese Website: https://color.media51.net/
English Website:

Sales of Signal X, beneficial for dementia
Japanese Website: https://ninchi-sho.okomari.net/
English Website: https://dementia-en.okomari.net/


Corporate history

1985.October Changed the location to Saburomaru 2-chome, Fukui City.

Color strategy system announced.

1986.December Completion of multimedia development basic concept.
1987.May Completion of computer graphics system. The work was announced on the cover of the pamphlet.
1987.June Completion of computer animation system.
1987.July A trial of multimedia development by computer.
1988.June Set up video department. Specializes in computer graphics.
1988.October Incorporated as Mona Publicity Co., Ltd. Completion of D.T.P system by computer. Introduced CAD system.
1989.November Information strategy system announced. Planning and development of the visual aspects of elections.
1989.December Announced “Creating consumer-participatory media in a personal information society”.
1990.October Started full-scale multimedia development.
1991.May Completion of digitization of moving images (videos, etc.). The first multimedia work is completed. Name it Cinema System. Completion of Cinema System Travel Tour. Completion of Cinema System Museum.
1991.July Cinema system real estate guide completed. Completion of Cinema System Car Sales Edition.
1991.September Completion of cinema system tourist information in each language.
1992.January Completed cinema system kimono coordination.
1992.February Completed multimedia for cinema system election. Name it “Challenger System”.
1992.March Completed assembly of the block copy creation system for kimono pattern printing.
1992.April Cinema system study completed. Completed cinema system assembly manual for each language.
1992.June Completed the image-up version for cinema system dental clinic.
1992.July Completion of a cinema system for recruitment.
1992.October Explanation of the recruiting system to the Defense Agency. And a system explanation of heavy artillery handling.
1993.June Introductory articles and photos were published in the June issue of the national newspaper “Mac Power” for personal information systems.

1995.October Multimedia study group established. Explain the traffic accident reduction system to the Metropolitan Police Department.
1996.April Announcement of the show window system. Completion of electronic publication.
1997.May Renamed Multimedia Study Group to Media Publishing. CG “Golden Dragon” received an encouragement award at an art exhibition sponsored by Kodansha.
1998.March Mona Publicity homepage up.
1999.April Announcement of one-to-one marketing and how to make a friendly website. The symbol marks and character designs created between 1997 and 1999 are included in the publications published by Graphic Publishing.

1999.May Lecture activity started. She started giving lectures on how to make a homepage in the current mature society in various places.
2000.January Renamed media publishing to media51.

2000.September Homepage of media51 is up. https://media51.net/ Volunteer “I want to give courage” started.
2000.October Started cooperative play with a computer software company.
2001.May Practicing efficient use of i-mode mobile phones together with the Internet. The following is a magazine in which media51’s homepage was introduced. ☆ Posted in “i-mode site 5000” issued by Softbank. ☆ Featured in the May 18 issue of the general information magazine “i-mode fan” published by Mainichi Communications. ☆ Published in “I-mode BEST vol.2” published by KK Bestsellers. ☆ Posted in the December 5, 2001 issue of “i-mode information site winter 2000”. ☆ In relation to graphics, the creators’ information magazine Epoka has another article with the motto of the week, “Pay close attention like a devil, be bold like an angel.”
2001.May commemorative magazine “Four Seasons of Birds” for the 55th Love Bird Week “National Wild Bird Conservation Gathering”.

2001.August The Hokuriku Post Office commissioned two oil paintings, “Daffodils” and “Echizen Coast and Daffodils” to be used as original stamps (released November 3, 2001). The original artist is Masanao Ogata(Saizo Suriya)
2001.November 1st solo exhibition Sponsored by Post Office
2002.January JT (Japan Tobacco) adopted the calendar created by our company.
2002.May Develop internet partnerships.
2004.October Symbol marks and character designs created from 2000 to 2003 are included in the publications published by Graphic Publishing.
2005.May Through a partnership with a fragrance research institute, we start planning, designing, and supplying raw materials.
2005.August Petit agency project for the baby boomer generation. .
2005.September Planning a cheering song for the baby boomer generation.
2006.February Agatos Co., Ltd. (Fukui), Yokohama Beer Co., Ltd. (Yokohama), etc., and executed a sales plan for sales of soybean meat.
2006.April Became Executive Vice President of Agatos Co., Ltd.
2008.June Established NPO Color Application Support Association.

・We provide lectures and support to companies and organizations according to the use from various perspectives such as economic, cultural, sports, and fashion about the psychological application of color. · First lecture: At the request of the Kagoshima City Hall, it is aimed at textile, fashion, and construction companies. · Lectures and consultation guidance: Performances: Colors that create beauty are essential to corporate strategy.

・ Supervision of diet by color application in the national quarterly magazine “Trinity”. 2008.Vol.8

2009.October Established the Tokyo Omotesando Brand Promotion Office in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. Rather than just selling things, we are developing a process that creates things, embeds technology and knowledge in them, and provides them to people. Development from new human behavior.

Get the copyright etc. by giving shape to ideas such as sales and guidance using QR codes.
2012.January Establishment of the Japan Intellectual Property Inter-Industry Development Council. The main focus is on the creation of business models that can be devised for information exchange.
2012.April At the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo On the 18th, which is Invention Day, he received the Higashikuninomiya Memorial Prize, which is said to be the popular Nobel Prize.

2012.October Appointed Vice Chairman of the Japan Vending Machine Utilization Social Contribution Organization.
2012.November At the Keio Plaza Hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo The 3rd is Culture Day, and he received the “Higashikuninomiya Cultural Award”.

2013.March In order to solve depression, the Grace Heal Your Heart Association, a general incorporated association, was established with American experts and is currently promoting activities.
2013.September Open an account within the United States Copyright Office and encourage companies and individuals to promote US copyright registration with the TPP in mind.
2014.June Patent applied for color that reduces oxidized body.


2014.November Planning a new development due to the death of a business partner.
2014.November A specified non-profit corporation, the Japan Engagement Promotion Association was launched. Established the Japan ORP Measurement Verification Association, a specified non-profit organization.
2015.January Resigned from the Japan Intellectual Property Inter-Industry Development Council due to disagreement with the policy.
2015.April Established the Japan Copyright Registration Application Dissemination Association, a specified non-profit organization.

米国著作権の登録申請はNPO法人 日本著作権登録申請普及協会、米国著作権は日本の伝統産業の強い味方です。
米国著作権の登録申請の普及に努めています。NPO法人 日本著作権登録申請普及協会、多くの著作物が米国著作権庁へ登録申請出来ます


2015.August Chinese stocks crashed, causing a chain reaction of stock prices around the world.
2015.September Sales of redox color sheets.
2015.October I met a good soap for the first time.
2015.November Started selling Miracle cleaning powder.
2016.April A stall with miracle cleaning powder on earth day.
2016.May Started activities with colors that reduce the oxidized body.
2016.June Obtained permission from the research institute in Gifu for a cation absorber, and began working to start manufacturing it.
2016.July Draw up a blueprint for a cation absorber.
2016.August Planning and sales of miracle cleaning powder for disaster evacuation, devised a sprayer made with a straw for this purpose.
2017.April Discovered an incinerator that uses far infrared rays. Conclude a sales contract with Enseki Energy Co., Ltd., a sales company.
2018.November Discovered a magnetic pyrolysis device. Since then, he has put his hand on far-infrared and focused on magnetic pyrolysis equipment. Encounter rice husk fine powder.
2018.December Held a tour of the magnetic pyrolysis equipment with Enseki Energy Co., Ltd.
2019.February Partnership with Enseki Energy. Started sales of magnetic pyrolysis equipment.
2019.April Started wholesale of rice husk fine powder.


2020.March Completely terminate the partnership with Enseki Energy. The new corona virus spreads all over the world.
2020.May A magnetic pyrolysis device Our sales agent installed one in Fujino, Kanagawa Prefecture and used it as a showroom.


2020.July Started developing a diving device for flue gas treatment of a magnetic pyrolysis device.
2020.August Draft a blueprint for a cation absorber and actually build it.
2020.October Completion of the cation absorber.


2020.October Various people including the mayor of Izumiotsu City visited Fujino to see the magnetic pyrolysis equipment.
2020.November Completion of submersible equipment for flue gas treatment of magnetic pyrolysis equipment. Draw up a blueprint.
2020.December The power of corona is expanding more and more.
2021.March Vaccination is done as a corona countermeasure. The power of corona spreads.
2021.May The final blueprint for the cation absorber is completed. ㊙Negative ion 12 is named. Upload information on the magnetothermal culture equipment to JETRO. The next day, there were 3 domestic inquiries and 4 foreign inquiries.
2021.August Tokyo Olympics held. At the request of Mitsui Chemicals, gave a lecture on color on the network.

Applied to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to add environmental ion measurement certification business to the business of the NPO Environment and Pre-symptomatic Measures Study Group. We will receive approval at the end of the year, but we will change the name to his NPO corporate environment and pre-symptomatic countermeasures research institute. https://npo-wat.okomari.net/

2021.September Sells magnetic pyrolysis equipment and rice husk ultrafine powder silica.
2021.November Received a notification from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to certify the environmental ion measurement certification business that is being applied for.

2022.April Prepare to announce everything about color on YouTube, homepage, etc.
2022.May Youtube and homepage up for color course.
2023.February Began selling the K2 Carbonization System, which turns organic materials into charcoal in 20 minutes.
2023.March The world’s currencies are undergoing a shift from being dollar-based to yuan, rupee, and other currencies. The chaotic global situation is expected to continue for 4 to 5 more years.
2023.April Decided to gradually switch all related websites to WordPress format.
2023.June Researchers discovered nerve repair and new growth in mouse and human nerves at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, resulting in the development of “Signal X” by the company. This offers hope for conditions like Alzheimer’s and optic nerve issues.