This device does not burn the trashes. CO2 reduction, Suppression of dioxin. No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing. Reduce the volume of the trash by 1/300 ? 1/500. No meter, switch is required. All operations are manual. This device depends on the human eyes. You can move this device anywhere.

The waste disposal solution is at a standstill

The earth will be destroyed if we use the methods we have used to deal with garbage.

When organic waste is thrown in, it is decomposed into elements and becomes 1/300 to 1/500 of its original amount. No electricity or fuel is required for operation. It can be used in high mountains or on islands, and anyone can easily use it at any time. Let’s move towards solving the garbage problem now.

Conventional garbage disposal

Organic waste is inevitably generated in every aspect of our lives. The problem is how to get rid of that organic waste.

How to get rid of it!

1, Don’t generate

2, Burn.

3, Landfill.

There are also limits to the amount of organic waste that can be recycled. Recycling does not eliminate the wastes, but it remains indefinitely. Which method would you choose? “1” is absolutely impossible at this point. No matter which option you choose, “2” or “3”, major issues such as exhaust gas and landfill locations will remain.

The waste disposal solution is at a standstill

When the garbage disposal problem is treated incorrectly, people’s lives will be destroyed and the global environment will also be greatly affected. Problems are already starting to appear.

New garbage disposal trend has already begun in some areas.

The fourth method is: 

・In stead of burning organic waste, decompose them down to the size of atom using magnetic power. 
・The amount of organic waste residue will be 1/300 to 1/
500, which is extremely small.
・Almost no Co2 or dioxins are emitted.
・No fuel or electricity is required to operate the device, making it very eco-friendly and low cost.
・Since the device does not require electricity or fuel, it can be placed and operated anywhere, including in high mountains or on islands.