This device does not burn the trashes. CO2 reduction, Suppression of dioxin. No electric power, fossil fuel is required for processing. Reduce the volume of the trash by 1/300 ? 1/500. No meter, switch is required. All operations are manual. This device depends on the human eyes. You can move this device anywhere.

W-MTD Model Magnetic Decomposition Device

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W-MTD Model Magnetic Decomposition Device

W-MTD (Magnetic Thermal Decomposition Device) is not specified by the Act on Special Measures against Dioxins nor a smoke generation facility under Air Polution Control Law , therefore, no standard is given against its exhaust gas, yet, for your reference, please refer to the the emmission standard for the small size incinerator as described in the following chart:


W-MTD (Magnetic Thermal Decomposition Device) has the processing theory different from the incinerator, therefore, exhaust gas temperature is significantly low, lower than 100℃, and also, the amount of exhaust gas is 60m3/h in the 900L size specification. Therefore, theory specified by Ministry of the Environment does not apply. Amount of toxic substances contained in the exhaust gas mass is significantly low; also, amount of residue is 1/300 ? 1/500 which is far less compared to the incinerator which is 1/15. Also, toxic substances contained in the residue is significantly low, therefore, W-MTD is high performance. Residue from the existing incinerator can also be processed by W-MTD and they become 1/300 ? 1/500. W-MTD can save the space to bury the trash.


Watch a video of a W-MTD (Magnetic Decomposition Device) on You Tube

Technical summary
W-MTD generates magnetic heat reaction within the furnace by taking the small amount of air through the magnet and decomposes the organic matters to the atom state.
Carbonation might occur when a lot of air is sent into the furnace during the operation; then, please put the carbonated trash into the furnace for re-processing, and they become ceramic powder which can be used for the next processing.
Heating is required at the beginning of the operation, yet neither electricity nor fossil fuel is required for the decomposition reaction.
This is because when organic matters heated at the beginning contact with the processed ash (ceramic ash) inside the furnace, it starts to decompose the other organic matters continuously so that they themselves become a magnetized ash and generate heat.
Decomposition reaction continues; which can save the running cost when compared with the general incinerator.
Also, W-MTD uses no fossil fuel which is environmentally friendly. W-MTD can process organic matters in general and sorting is not required. Plastics, papers, resins, timbers are not needed to be separated. However, when you put a lot of high- water-content trash, raw wood, vegetable trash, etc., the operation might be difficult and the processing might take longer, therefore, it is recommended to lower the trash water content to less than 20%. Trash can be put inside the furnace continuously as the volume decreases; and they are reduced to 1/300 ? 1/500 at the end.
W-MTD does not decompose inorganic matters, yet vinyl-wrapped electric wire, PC with metal fittings can also be put in; organic matters among them are decomposed and inorganic matters are mixed and dropped in the ash, please sieve them later.

Residue after the processing…